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No Gift Can Equal The Joy They Give Us

That is the truth. No parent can ever give a gift that will equal the joy children give them. No pleasure can equal the pleasure of watching your children grow up. You laugh with them and you cry secretly when they cry. You suffer the pain when they fall down. The joy of seeing their every action has no parallels. When they give you so much of happiness there is no surprise that parents want to give their children the best gift in life.


What better way to gift a child than giving him all the good fortune for his life. This is what Chinese parents do when they name their children. They get the master to look at all the elements and select names that will bestow all the good fortunes for the child. The Baby Chinese naming ceremony is aimed at giving the child the luckiest name that will always provide the child with good luck all through its life. At Huatsing Baby Souvenir, we have the expert master who can give your child the most blessed name.



He will study the baby’s five elements and give the names that will be best for it. Our master knows the traditional way of giving the luckiest names for the child. Our master will provide you with 110 names out of which he will explain in detail about the most suitable ten names. There will be the full explanation for the names including the meaning of the strokes. Out of these ten names, you can select the name you like most. We will then print the book of naming with the full explanation of the name you have selected. You can gift this to the child when he or she grows up.


Another tradition that is followed, is the making of the Taimaobi with the child’s first cut hair. We have expert barbers who will do the first haircut for your baby as per your wish. Our highly skilled craftsmen will then make the calligraphy brush with this first hairs. At our Taimaobi centre, you can get the most exquisitely carved calligraphy brushes that you can present your child when it goes to study.